The exclusive agent that works in the pool

Jessica sent me a photo a couple of days ago. She was almost bragging about her soft lifestyle. And in the same second I received a photo proof of her catching sun in the pool with a glass of red wine.

Well, I have a message for you Jessica, and your relaxed lifestyle in the pool is soon over since the first batch will arrive to Spain this month. A lot of customers a craving to meet you to see the samples of Prestige Collection *lol*
As I hope that you all understand this was a bad joke from my side regarding the “relaxing”

To be honest I have never met two sales representatives before as Jessica and Jenny. They are both so determined to make success in the sale that I am more that impressed.
Jessica have been working a lot although she doesn’t have any samples to present to her customers. That haven’t stopped her from exploring the market in Spain to launch Design by K. Lundqvist Stockholm since she are planning which selected retailers that she will book her meetings with. This blog post is a salut to Jessica for being the exclusive agent in Spain and I am sure that she will do a great job.
Hang in there Jessica! You will soon receive the samples for your in sale, so don’t forget to relax while you still can, because it will be a hectic time when the candle line is knocking on your door.

Oh, I am sorry, when success is knocking on your door!

Design by K Lundqvist Stockholm Jess


Photo session for Prestige Collection

The photo session is finally over and today we can show all of you the result of the picture that will present Prestige Collection on the market. Yesterday Kristoffer, Ronja and Jenny arrived at the studio with a clear mind what we wanted to achieve with the photo shoot, and everything turned out great!

Ronja who is our model, did a fantastic job in front of the camera and she is not only photo genic, she is also so determined and can catch the feeling of the collection with applause! This picture is the one that will present Prestige Collection on the company’s homepage and of course in all press related “actions” such as magazines and advertising.

Design by K Lundqvist Stockholm prestige Collection front

On the spot Jenny and Kristoffer acted photo assistant but as the self-going model Ronja is, there were not much for us to do since Ronja worked the camera excellent by herself. Working with an experienced model is much easier since modelling is in the “blood” and a model must feel the product to manage to archive the demands that the customer has. Thank you Ronja, you did an amazing job, and we are so proud to present this collection together with you as the “company face”

Design by K lundqvist Stockholm photo session 3

Team elit below – Kristoffer, Jenny and Ronja
taken with Jennys Iphone so the quality is not the best.

Design by K lundqvist Stockholm photo session 2

Design by K lundqvist Stockholm photo session 1

And also thank you to the photographer Sofie from Studiografiska.
Without you expertise the photo session would be nothing

This week have been amazing!

We hope that you have got a great Friday, and that your plans for the evening is something amazing.
Me, Kristoffer, will spend the evening chilling in front of the TV since the week have been rather hectic. The resume of this week is great and much have happened in the company.

1: Jessica, the exclusive agent in Spain have started the in sale of Prestige Collection in Spain. If you want to contact her in any matters regarding Spain send a e-mail;

2: Jenny have signed three retailer agreements this week in Sweden. If you need to get in contact with Jenny send her an e-mail at

3: We have managed to settle a business agreement with a large telecom company that will use our candles in 150 goodie bags for an Halloween event in the beginning of November.

4: I have designed the next collection for the candle line. I am now waiting for the samples from our supplier.

5: The business trip to New York is booked

So, after this week I can actually with a good conscience lie down and just relax. But, without my amazing team the business would be nothing. Thank you Jenny and Jessica for being a part of this business. If I could bring down a star from the sky and give it to you both I would not hesitate. You are both my pride and success ❤



Business trip to New York

For a couple of weeks ago we started to plan the business trip to New York, and Jenny who is our sales representative in Sweden was asked if she wanted to make this ”sales trip”

Today we decided that Jenny will travel to New York to launch Design by K. Lundqvist Stockholm in the capital of the world. The business trip will take place between 3th November to 10th November and she is so excited and is now planning the trip in details. A lot of meeting need to be booked, and other practical details need to be planned. This is not just exciting for Jenny, both me and Jessica is also excited about the outcome – of c!

Stockholm ❤ New York



We wish all of you a splendid Friday


The Story behind Design by K. Lundqvist Stockholm

23 October 2013 – This day I will always remember.

That’s when everything started.

I lived like the cliché says about us from Stockholm and met all the criteria.
32 years old, living in central Stockholm with a yearning to living my dream.
A glass of red wine, lit scented candles, sitting in my white couch placed by the back wall was the first step to fulfill my dreams.
It was there the inspiration was born, and also my company Design by K. Lundqvist Stockholm.I have always had a desire to create and design, which contributed to today I have a brand with scented candles that are slightly out of the ordinary, where a touch of elegance with unique scents permeate the business.Design by K. Lundqvist Stockholm was born!

”It’s a personal, luxurious and elegant fragrance candle. The collection of five different scents reflected with integrity and each fragrance along with lavish design created Prestige Collection! Regardless of gender, age or income my scented candles can satisfy all types of personalities”

Everyone has a dream.

Step one is to dream.
Step two is to dare.
Step three is to live the dream.